Apps that Benefit Online Freelancers

Nowadays, loads of free article writing software tools are available on the web space. All it requires is simple Google search, and you will have a long list to opt from. But, it does not mean that all tools are of the same quality… quality can be found in only the best brands. Thus, finding the best will take some time, and you need to be aware of the viruses that may come up with downloads from unknown sources.


When you search for article writing software, you might get in the search engine results the information of some of the related tools such as article spinner and article submitter. Read further to know about these two tools, so that you do not get confused.


Article spinner – This tool is known as article rewriter in the simplest words. The idea behind this tool is that it replaces some of the words of the content with others which hold the same sense. In this way, you get many articles on the same subject by writing only one article. This tool is usually used by those who want to produce content for marketing purpose, for official websites, or for further distribution. You need to be very cautious while using this software, since changing two or three words with their synonyms could change the meaning of the whole sentence. Synonyms should be used such that it does not change the meaning of the sentence.


Quick Article Submitter – This tool submits your articles to multiple directories via an automated process. In this way, it saves your time that gets wasted by making directory submissions manually.


When you decide on using free article software, you must look that who is the developer of that software. You might be thinking why you should do that when there is no fear of money getting wasted. Although you are not paying any money for the software, poor quality software may gradually destroy your existing software applications by generating problems and errors in the PC. What’s the use of such software?


You should also verify that the source from where you download the application is trustworthy. For checking this, look at the articles’ formatting and determine whether they include keywords, description, and title at the end. Be careful, because there is always the risk of a virus when you download free article writing software… and that too from untrusted sources. Try this risky task, if your PC is equipped with a powerful anti-virus program.

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